Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Props Over Here: A Love Movement

I am excited (and very humbled) to announce, that my brother in ink Moanerplicities tagged me in a meme that originated at the Electronic Village Blog, which is a place that celebrates the work of Black Bloggers.
Out of his five blog choices, he selected my blog because: “Well, basically it’s because, I dig your blog, your writing steelo, the way you engage your readers, the title of your page and b/c you’re so damn cool! Aiight?”

So the rules of the meme are: Create five links about:

1. Link one must be about Family.
2. Link two must be about Friends.
3. Link three must be about me-who I am, what I’m about;
4. Link four must be about something I love
5. Link five can be about anything I choose!

Post your five links and then tag five other people. At least TWO of the people you tag must be newer acquaintances so that you get to know each other better… Let us begin

Friends ( How many of us have them?)

I consider music lover and bi-racial angel Nicole, a very good friend of mine. She and I haven’t seen each other in a while but we communicate often through blog comments and email exchanges. She is adventurous, creative, hard-working and funny as hell. Also, she is an anti-elitist behavior crusader, so be certain not to piss her off. She is not heavy, she is my buddy.

My homie Kevin is the best hip hop producer that the world hasn’t heard. He is a technology geek, a budding multi-media mogul and a good, passionate brother.

My main man Rob is a producer on the come up, loyal friend and all around good dude. I’ve known brother for a long time and his loyalty and friendship is unwavering and unchanging.

About Me:

I am the funky feel one, a deep thinker and a feel good technician. I am the talking book whose topic and point is neurological nutrition. I am bullshit repellent, a student of the black arts and black power movements. I am religion breathing; believe in me, my words are sound wave sermons of faith and divinity. I am the keeper of the force, the revolting revolutionary. I am Garvey’s ghost, the protector of legacy. I am the straw that broke the racist’s back; I’m the flesh on the whip. I am the shotgun on the side of Harriet Tubman’s hip. I am George Jackson’s cellmate, the b-boy supreme; indigenous to the slums, the jester that became king. If you want less abstract facts click Here

I love the evolution of black folk and artistic expression of all kinds (music, poetry, art, photography, etc.)

I love education, especially history and specifically our history before and since arriving on the shores of North America. I’m talking about black history yall! Peep This

This is the hardest part of this entire process, choosing five blogs. There are tons of great blogs in the black blogosphere but these particular blogs stay on my radar. Click on the names to experience their greatness.

1. Moanerplicities: This is my brother of the pen and a kindred audio junkie. Lin is a good dude whose spirit is palpable and he is a shining vision for black men, I want to be like him when I grow up. He is like the popular cat in school that you just want to be down with. His pen game is extraordinary, read his blog and be moved.

2. Commentary by Val: Val is a crusader. Her blog is chock full of timely information about politics, fashion and pop culture. What she chooses to blog about speaks to what’s in her heart. She’s a very smart sister, she doesn’t back down from a good fight and she has great eyes.

3. Miz’s Write for Life: Miz has the ability to say so much in just a few lines of prose. She is a highly effective and passionate scribe. She is also a mother, deep thinker and fellow Libra representer. Her blog is a source of inspiration for me. Her words create worlds.

4. Mariposa Tales: When I want to get my Sonia Sanchez on, I visit Felicia’s blog. The sister has skills. Everything about her sings beautiful, from her short passionate prose, to the quotations she chooses for her blog. She is something quiet in a world of thunder (Jason’s Lyric reference, son!)

5. Anna Renee is Still Talking: Anna is like the older sister that only wants the best for you. Her blog is filled with spirituality, afrocentric knowledge and Yoda type wisdom. If you need some education in your life, Anna got it.

And there you have it!


  1. Getting love from your blogging brethren and sistren is the best. Congrats! It was cool learning more about you.

  2. Thank you so much! You know i adore your writings as well and will continue to support you!

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  4. Wow Jason, thanks for your kind words!

  5. Awwww... thanks muchly, my Brotha Pen. You truly ROCKED those descriptions... and by now you should know that the admiration thing is mos def MUTUAL!

    One Love.


  6. Great list! I already know a few that you gave the shout out to so I'l most definitely check the rest.

  7. @Miz
    Many thanks Miz! I support you as well.

  8. @Val
    No problem Val. I meant every word.

  9. @MP
    Peace and Vision black man!

  10. @Solomon
    Thanks! Definitely check them out!

  11. Awww shucks. I'm blushing. Thanks so much for the love. I'm honored to be mentioned by such an awesome person as yourself.

  12. You're the best Nicoley Cole.