Sunday, October 31, 2010

Black Male Dictionary: Words and Definitions


Male- A male is a biological entity whose essence is described by no more or no less than his biology. Maleness is a pre-determined fact of the biological life which is in no way subject to choice.

Consciousness-Consciousness is awareness. Consciousness is a natural possibility or potential, but it must be tended or guided in order for it to develop properly.

Awareness- awareness is the ability to see accurately what is. Being able to see accurately means that one person must be properly oriented in space, time and person, which means that the prerequisite for consciousness is to have some accurate image of one’s self and the world in which one finds himself.

Self Discipline- Is an assertion of will power over base desire. Discipline transforms passion into a fuel reserve for self determined action.

Self Definition- Self Definition is a declaration of manhood. True power is based upon first defining who you are.

Transformation- Transformation is essential for the development of self determination. The human being is transformed by where his mind goes, not where his body goes.

Self-Knowledge- Encompasses knowing your character and that you have rulership over yourself. Once you know who you are, you know what you can do.

Self-Destruction- The determination to destroy one’s self. Self destructive values are destroying our families and destroying our relationships with each other as men and women. We must believe in the fundamental need for our own survival and our commitment to that survival.

Manhood- Requires taking full responsibility and dealing with the consequences of his actions. A man must understand that his decisions are binding and there is a real import to real decisions.

Husband- A husband experiences the instructional pressure that comes from being bound to a person socially, legally, spiritually, and psychologically. The key is learning the meaning and responsibility that goes with commitment. It is the commitment that begins to cultivate you. It begins to bring the rain down to the soil and requires things of you to handle the droughts.

Fatherhood- As a father, your manhood has a challenge to stimulate its growth. The developing man, who is now a father, learns that he must keep milk in the refrigerator as well as gas in the car. Putting food in your baby’s stomach shows that not only can you move today but also, tomorrow you have a responsibility much larger than the limitation of this moment. It is through that experience with fatherhood that you come to know not only an expanded sense of mortal time, but you can glimpse immortality as you look into tomorrow’s eyes---the eyes of your offspring.

Self Respect/Self-Esteem- Is the overall appraisal of one’s self, it encompasses beliefs and emotions. Also, it is a basic concept of personality, for it to grow; we need to have self worth. Self worth is gained from embracing challenges that result in the showing of success.

Economics- Is a social science that analyzes the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.

Brothers should memorize and apply!

Feel free to add to the list!

excerpts taken from "Vision for Black Men" by Na'im Akbar


  1. Excellent! Everyone should take note and apply!

  2. I agree with Miz. I had to see if I my definitions matched :-). Have a great week!

  3. this is the way a blog should be! thanks!

  4. This is nice! More men need to follow this!

  5. I Love it! And I Agree!!
    Maybe if men knew the REAL meaning of each of these words they would do a better job...
    Sometimes I think some men are just LAZY and STUBBORN. I dont wanna judge tho...BUT I do think men need to memorize and apply like you said :-)

  6. All vital definitions, my brotha... however this one speaks LOUDEST to me:

    "Self Discipline- Is an assertion of will power over base desire. Discipline transforms passion into a fuel reserve for self determined action."

    These are TRUE WORDS indeed!


  7. So....where exactly do you hold your motivational speaking seminars? And can they be purchased on audio for circulation?

    This is phenomenal I'm with what SJ/Jen said. I feel like more men should memorize this list and the 'definitions' that are attached. I want to "Thank YOU" for your "Each one Teach One" approach because I learn something each and every time I come over here.

  8. @Felicia
    Many Thanks Felicia!

  9. @JStar
    I think a lot of men do. There are a lot of brothers leading by example and doing the damn thing. They deserve the attention that the doggish brothers are getting.

  10. @SJ
    There are some misguided brothers out here for sure, but this post was a reminder not an indictment. We got to lift each other up, ya know!

  11. @Traci
    Ha Ha!! No motivationa seminars Traci, I'm trying to do my part to contribute to the unification and empowerment of brothers.

    I appreciate your comments, we have to keep pushing, ya dig! The media would lead you to believe that good brothers don't exist, but that is not true. There are brothers utilizing these defintions daily and hopefully, those of that do can shine our lights on those that are struggling.

  12. I agree Jason...I am just waiting to find one myself :) So I can give him all the reconigtion he deserves

  13. @Jstar
    The brother you're looking for is looking for you too. Keep getting better beloved and be open and willing to recieve when he shows up!



  14. I want to print this off & just hand it to the next man that comes into my life...until he applies those principles we cannot move forward lol.

    I need to apply them to myself!

    "The human being is transformed by where his mind goes, not where his body goes"

  15. @Poppy
    These are definitely good qualities to have.

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