Monday, October 18, 2010

Moratorium Blues


mor•a•to•ri•um: A period of time during which a certain activity is not allowed or required.

The older I get the more agitated I become about some things. Here are a few in my opinion that need at least a 100-year moratorium.


• It Is What It Is: Everything has a rhyme or reason; nothing ever is what it is, although we would like it to be.

• At The End of the Day: Sigh!

• Hater: Nowadays, when you have an opinion that’s considered unpopular, you get called a hater. Gone are the days of just not liking it just because you don’t like it.

• Swag: Find another word to describe your personal style please!

Other Stuff:

• Skinny Jeans on dudes: Who knew nut huggers would become a fashion craze.

• Sagging Pants: It is an unpleasant and unfortunate experience to be in the grocery store walking behind some dude with his Joe Boxers exposed.

• Wearing pajamas bottoms in public: When did this become okay? You wear PJ’s in the house not to the 7-11.

• Criminal Celebrities: Yeah, I know that they’re human. So am I (Thanks Val!)

• Guilt Criticism: Speaking negatively about somebody that is doing what you wish you were doing. Get off your ass and make something happen. You don’t work you don’t eat, let them live and be great.

• Media Nut jobs: Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and all them.

• Bad Customer Service: Do you really need to be texting while I’m trying to pay for my items?

• Bad black men/women relationships (romantic or non): We need to exercise better communication and a mutual respect for similarities and differences. It’s building time.

• Trey Songz: If I wanted to hear yodeling I’d listen to Bluegrass.

• High Fructose Corn Syrup: Keep it out of your body!

Add to the list. What else needs a moratorium in your opinion?


  1. Beyonce

    All the talk about Illuminati

    Any talk about Kanye going on stage during that country chicks acceptance speech. (sorry I can't remember her name)

    Studies on Black women

    political ads on TV

    People telling all of their business in public while talking on a cell phone

    Wendy Williams

  2. Great list. I'll add
    - changing your relationship status on facebook. Either ya'll are married or you aren't.
    - any form of - Let's get it, Let's go, Go, and Gettin' it in

    Visiting you for the first time after a nod from K. Rock.

  3. Uhhh I so agree with hater. I just dont like said thing! That doesn't mean I am "hating" on said thing.

    I never liked "not a good look". It just doesn't make sense to me.

    I am assuming you are talking about skinny jeans on guys in which case I would have to totally agree.

    I would have to add Nikki Minaj to the list. But...maybe not. I don't know if 100 years is long enough.

  4. Any talk, leaks, tweets, or speculative articles on Lauryn Hill's supposed return. Let it be REAL, or else shut the hell up!

    Reality TV people w/ no discernable talent or skills being talked up & treated like freaking stars!

    Well-known author/publisher types actively looting the accounts of lesser known writers under their banner. There oughta be a law!

    Any color or shade which every season is hyped to be "The New Black!"

    Dead-beat dads steady crying those Outta Money Blues.

    False advertising in all its various forms!


  5. Can I add the term "conversate" to the list?

    I've always said that people who use the term "hater" frequently usually have a limited vocabulary to begin with. Respectfully disagreeing with someone does not make you a hater.

    Don't even get me started on the word "swag"...Le Sigh!

    Last but not least, I'm so tired of the whole black man vs. black woman spill.

    Great post!

  6. I love this post!

    Okay, I've been laughing for most of it, but what got me was "nut huggers" LMMFAO!!! Why is that what I call them??!! That is exactly what they are and what the hell are so-called REAL men doing wearing them in the first place??!! They can't possibly have anything other than speedos on underneath. And that there isn't even the bizness!!!

    So...on the "at the end of the day", I think I might have to go back thru my posts and make sure I don't have it there! I might! And the thing about it is I hated it when people started saying it because Neffe said it ALL the DAMN TIME on Keyshia Cole's reality TV show. Then I went and adopted it into my vocab on some things. You got me rethinking that one LOL!

    Last but certainly not least: "Bad black man/woman relationships (romantic or non): We need to exercise better communication and a mutual respect for similarities and differences. It’s building time." I couldn't agree with you more. Effective communication is key with any relationship, but moreso with the person you plan to share your space with. The mutual respect part is vital because 99% of the time, the communication styles will contrast so getting to know and respect what the other person's is and how it fits with yours enough to be able to incorporate them, is essential.

    Again, loved the post!

  7. Great post! So much here i agree with:

    -skinny jeans on men


    -everybody want to rap

    -women who demise themselves by dressing inappropiately then claiming they can't find no good men.

    -rude people (ie. customer svc and everywhere else.)

    -tea party fools and their minions

    -alot of these supposed singers we haven't heard a song from but they all in the media.

    -reality show participants being made to be stars. (where is their talent?)

    -propaganda news

    and that's the short list, lol.

  8. All of these are good. I'll add these (hope none are repetitive):

    ~ judgmental reactions (esp. as a result of what's heard in the media...we don't know these people....irritating)

    ~ irresponsibility of all kinds

    ~ "apologies" simply because they were caught/called out

    ~ young folks with no manners and their parents

    ~ I'll say this one again -- "studies" accompanied by suspect statistics...give me solutions not mo' problems.

    Whew, needed to get some of these off my chest :-). Thanks!

  9. @Val
    "All the talk about Illuminati"
    Good one Val! And watch out for those Bey stans, you know they stalk the internet looking for any Beyonce detractors,lol.

  10. @mstdj
    Welcome and thanks for commenting. I've heard a lot about the Facebook stauts thing, one of my blog buddies wrote an entire post about it. *smile*

  11. @K
    "I would have to add Nikki Minaj to the list. But...maybe not. I don't know if 100 years is long enough"

    Ha! Be careful K. Nicki stans are becoming more scary than Bey stans.

  12. @MP
    Wooo! The Lauryn Hill comeback stories can kick rocks yo!

    "Reality TV people w/ no discernable talent or skills being talked up & treated like freaking stars!"

    Say Word!

  13. @Jetaime
    "Can I add the term "conversate" to the list?"

    You are a genius! This used to be a pet peeve of mine, not so much anymore.

  14. @Traci
    Thanks! You don't have to stop saying it. That's why I named the post moratorium blues because these are things that I get tired of and could do without in my life, but I know they won't be going away any time soon. LOL!

  15. @Miz
    "reality show participants being made to be stars. (where is their talent?"

    Love this and propaganda news! My list is longer also, lol!

  16. @CurvyGirl

    So thoughtful!

    "studies" accompanied by suspect statistics...give me solutions not mo' problems." and "irresponsibility of all kinds"

    Bravo sister!

    You're welcome! *smile*

  17. A few things I'd like to get rid of:

    * The resurgence of gay-bashing and hating gay people.

    * Those Old Navy commercials with voiceovers for the mannequins.

    * Some pounds in my stomach area.

    * I'm combining two of your entries: dudes who wear skinny jeans but sag them. At least with baggy jeans, they're sagging because they're too big (not that that looks good either). But with skinny jeans, they're deliberately positioning them below butt-level. WTF?

    * Drivers who miss getting in line to make a turn then hold up the moving lane by waiting and blocking that lane so they can get in to make their turn. (Not sure how well I explained that but oh well)

    * The increased prices for DC parking meters and parking garages and on top of that the Metro increase. How are you supposed to get around in DC?

    * Ironic hipster mustaches or those mustaches on sticks that people hold up to their faces. What is that? When did that become a thing?

    Okay. I'll stop now. I could go on and on.

  18. Love these lists Jason, they keep me rollin!!! I am so with you on the "swag" thing, it is quite ridiculously annoying. lol

  19. @Nicole
    "The resurgence of gay-bashing and hating gay people."

    Good one Nicole! This seems to be at an all time high nowadays.

    I don't even want to get into the price of DC parking meters...ugh!

  20. @Dee
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Yeah. Using swag to describe your personal style is played and now everybody is saying it.

  21. I agree with everything here! LMAO@ the person above who mentioned the term "conversate." That's up there with "grown and sexy."

  22. I too could do without the hundredth "hater" and thousandth usage of the word "swag." Both were good while they lasted, but they should have never lasted this long.

    I still say "It is what it is" cause sometimes I have no desire to give a full explanation or definition to third-degree's.

    I wholeheartedly agree upon the relationships sentiment.

    Sagging pants definitely have to go. Agreed w/ media nut jobs as well. At some point, the game is already told for everyone to continue buying.

  23. -Social networking...fb.twitter..blah & blah (I dont consider blogging social networking, its a creative outlet)

    -reality tv...its not real.

    -teenagers getting pregnant

    -Hip Hop Techno Songs

    -Songs about pussy, money & liquor...think of something else to say.

    -TMZ...they are so annoying (even though I sometimes watch then get aggravated)
    -Actually....all entertainment tv, people need to focus on themselves instead of celebrities.
    - Divorce after 1 yr of marriage....really?

    Oh & I dont think there is anything wrong with wearing PJs to 7-11, sometimes you just want a slurpy after you already got comfy in the pjs. lol

  24. Lol on Trey Songz yodeling! Although, I do like some of his songs. I don't know, maybe it's the teenage girl in me.

    Rofl @PJs in public and the use of the word "swag." What about "my bad" and "word," which have resurfaced? I am guilty of "it is what it is," because gosh darn it sometimes it is.... =)

    My son knows if I see him sagging, he's straight getting called out from my car window in front of everyone! To quote Lil Wayne,
    "Ugh, that's nasty." (Even though he's talking about something entirely different.)

    HFCS is a definite no-no in my house and body!

    Nice, thoughtful post, J.

  25. @MB
    I agree about conversate...Ha!

  26. @Don
    Some of the opinions of O'Reilly and the like are boderline psycho. They have huge followings, so it's scary to think about millions of people that think that way.

  27. @Poppy
    "Songs about pussy, money & liquor...think of something else to say"

    I agree. Thankfully, we have alternatives and can choose not to listen.

    Reality TV is out of control.

  28. @FM
    "word" is a New York slang mainstay and I still say!

  29. @ Reggie

  30. LOL @ "swag" and "haters." Those two words are more dead than Rick James, James Brown, and MJ laid out in one casket.....but people stay trying to breathe life into those played out terms.

    True story: I saw a dude wearing sagging pajama pants the other day. o_O

  31. @UCB
    That doesn't surprise me that you saw a dude wearing sagging pajama pants. I saw a dude one night wearing a diaper, a Redskins jersey and some flip flops.