Sunday, October 31, 2010

Black Male Dictionary: Words and Definitions


Male- A male is a biological entity whose essence is described by no more or no less than his biology. Maleness is a pre-determined fact of the biological life which is in no way subject to choice.

Consciousness-Consciousness is awareness. Consciousness is a natural possibility or potential, but it must be tended or guided in order for it to develop properly.

Awareness- awareness is the ability to see accurately what is. Being able to see accurately means that one person must be properly oriented in space, time and person, which means that the prerequisite for consciousness is to have some accurate image of one’s self and the world in which one finds himself.

Self Discipline- Is an assertion of will power over base desire. Discipline transforms passion into a fuel reserve for self determined action.

Self Definition- Self Definition is a declaration of manhood. True power is based upon first defining who you are.

Transformation- Transformation is essential for the development of self determination. The human being is transformed by where his mind goes, not where his body goes.

Self-Knowledge- Encompasses knowing your character and that you have rulership over yourself. Once you know who you are, you know what you can do.

Self-Destruction- The determination to destroy one’s self. Self destructive values are destroying our families and destroying our relationships with each other as men and women. We must believe in the fundamental need for our own survival and our commitment to that survival.

Manhood- Requires taking full responsibility and dealing with the consequences of his actions. A man must understand that his decisions are binding and there is a real import to real decisions.

Husband- A husband experiences the instructional pressure that comes from being bound to a person socially, legally, spiritually, and psychologically. The key is learning the meaning and responsibility that goes with commitment. It is the commitment that begins to cultivate you. It begins to bring the rain down to the soil and requires things of you to handle the droughts.

Fatherhood- As a father, your manhood has a challenge to stimulate its growth. The developing man, who is now a father, learns that he must keep milk in the refrigerator as well as gas in the car. Putting food in your baby’s stomach shows that not only can you move today but also, tomorrow you have a responsibility much larger than the limitation of this moment. It is through that experience with fatherhood that you come to know not only an expanded sense of mortal time, but you can glimpse immortality as you look into tomorrow’s eyes---the eyes of your offspring.

Self Respect/Self-Esteem- Is the overall appraisal of one’s self, it encompasses beliefs and emotions. Also, it is a basic concept of personality, for it to grow; we need to have self worth. Self worth is gained from embracing challenges that result in the showing of success.

Economics- Is a social science that analyzes the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.

Brothers should memorize and apply!

Feel free to add to the list!

excerpts taken from "Vision for Black Men" by Na'im Akbar

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jasmine Mans: Nicki Minaj

This is a poem about Nicki Minaj from up poet Jasmine Mans. This joint is fire and it provided me with a different perspective about Nicki's image. At first listen I took it as a diss but after repeated listens I realized this piece said much more.

Here are the words:

You are being traded paper in exchange for you to be plastic

All Dolls will evidentially mal-function

(I don't even know why you girls bother at this point like give it up, it 's me I win you lose)

Nicki MInaj,

(It's me)

I must admit

(Its, its me)

I have always been intrigued by your ass,

I guess that's what the world looked like after falling from your shoulders.

(Like give it up)

You have the heartbeat of a suicide bomber

A baseline breathing out of your pulse

Your thighs play storage for the weight of the world

I dreamt that you used to back packed, the lost raps, of Female MCs who could not find their way out the cipher

(Its just like I single handedly annihilated like every rape bitch in the build)

Traded in your crown for unsharpened pencils and blank CDs

(Like give it up)

Do you ever feel a cord gripping on your neck, choke, spit?

Don't let this industry fuck the Assata out of you


Can and will never be code for queen

You are a Queen no matter how many times they try to shuffle you back in tape decks.

Bi Sex, straight, you've earned my respect

(You da Bestest)

But I know your spine binds and crooked lines

And you can't seem to write a rhyme for your broken daughters

Slaughter, bent over back, ass cracked, bitch slapped, in videos

There is nothing pedal bike pretty about broken

Do you know what this media is trying to do to you?

They will porcelain


Doll the shit out of you

Leave you noose necked hanging from Zion they will Lauryn Hill you

The mis-education of a Barbie doll coming soon

(I just had an epiphany)

Barbie, I think NYC is making you forget you come from Queens

Its scary when you have wack MCs trying to ghost write your obituary

(You should buy a 16 cuz I write it good)

Your existence is not recyclable to me


Stop spitting me toy stories

Of Woodys and Buzzlight Years who only come alive when no body is watching

Fake breast

Once upon a time before puberty and tissue filled training bras all little girls wanted a toy chest

What do you treasure? *

You have turned your G-spot into a land-mind

Dirty, disgusting

We have been waiting centuries for a woman like you to carve your stiletto in history

This microphone is not a dildo so you are going to have to cum a little harder than that,

(I, win, I win, you lose)

Come a little harder for rap

Too many women before you have laid down tracks -- UNIT...Y?

So you wouldn't have to record your on your back

Spit some shit it for girls who kiss girls and got beat down to their backs

We will remember you for that

Lips sync your screams and remember your inflections and copyright your raps



For young money anyone can buy themselves their own ( I'm Nick Minaj, Nicki Lewinski, Nicki Barbie, the boss)

Crown, Vagina, Womanhood, and Talent,

All Sold separately


You are being stabbed in the back

Inserted with a wind up string and a tag?

(R, R, R, Roger that)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Afro Shaman Chant (I Spit These Bars)


I spit these bars for freedom and the steady stream of consciousness,
for higher vibrational frequencies and a perpetual state of righteousness,
for the deep deep blackness, that is deep as the abyss,
that condenses bad intentions til no wickedness exists.

See my gangsta is mystical, my high concentration of melanin
allows me to pull the spiritual realm in to the physical,
So don’t try to sell me a dream I don’t sleep,
liberation is track seven and I keep it on repeat.

I spit these bars…I spit these bars

I spit these bars with a rum and ganja lean,
introspective with the flow like I’m Illmatic with this thing.
Free em all, free em all too all the soldiers in the Bing,
like Mumia-Abu Jamal and Jalil Muntaquim.

for the thoughts from the mind of a black man in his prime,
for Baldwin, Baraka, Brooks and Chester Himes,
for the mind that stays focused, for the constant frustration,
for the countless amounts of mistakes made due to desperation.

I spit these bars…I spit these bars

These bars ain’t about blood diamonds and European cars,
They’re about pain, passion, poetry and scars,
about selected officials and the fraudulence of the elite,
about socio-politics and police brutality,
about light skin and dark skin, good hair and bad hair,
being a slave to the workforce or a slave to welfare.
My nephew and my niece both sick without healthcare,

Trying to find heaven but it smells like hell here.
This should be heaven but we keep making hell here.

I spit these bars…I spit these bars

for people with bad energy and inexpensive speak,
because the desert of deceit is an oasis for the weak.
For manufactured fear and mass media manipulation,
the mind control frequencies from the radio stations.

For honoring creation and the black woman’s divinity,
man, women and child represents the special trinity.
For social networking sites promoting false intimacy,
the balance of the scales, red Alize and Hennessey.

I spit these bars…I spit these bars

I spit these bars for the life that just can’t get right,
for Fela Kuti blowing his sax, Roforofo Fight.
For the dignity that’s felt in the aftermath of victory,
for the mental chains and the acknowledgment of history.

For the triumph of love and the evidence of the unseen,
for the red, green and gold and the red, black and green.
For the preservation of culture and the promise of unity
For the revival of pride and restoration of the black family

I spit these bars…


Monday, October 18, 2010

Moratorium Blues


mor•a•to•ri•um: A period of time during which a certain activity is not allowed or required.

The older I get the more agitated I become about some things. Here are a few in my opinion that need at least a 100-year moratorium.


• It Is What It Is: Everything has a rhyme or reason; nothing ever is what it is, although we would like it to be.

• At The End of the Day: Sigh!

• Hater: Nowadays, when you have an opinion that’s considered unpopular, you get called a hater. Gone are the days of just not liking it just because you don’t like it.

• Swag: Find another word to describe your personal style please!

Other Stuff:

• Skinny Jeans on dudes: Who knew nut huggers would become a fashion craze.

• Sagging Pants: It is an unpleasant and unfortunate experience to be in the grocery store walking behind some dude with his Joe Boxers exposed.

• Wearing pajamas bottoms in public: When did this become okay? You wear PJ’s in the house not to the 7-11.

• Criminal Celebrities: Yeah, I know that they’re human. So am I (Thanks Val!)

• Guilt Criticism: Speaking negatively about somebody that is doing what you wish you were doing. Get off your ass and make something happen. You don’t work you don’t eat, let them live and be great.

• Media Nut jobs: Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and all them.

• Bad Customer Service: Do you really need to be texting while I’m trying to pay for my items?

• Bad black men/women relationships (romantic or non): We need to exercise better communication and a mutual respect for similarities and differences. It’s building time.

• Trey Songz: If I wanted to hear yodeling I’d listen to Bluegrass.

• High Fructose Corn Syrup: Keep it out of your body!

Add to the list. What else needs a moratorium in your opinion?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Writer's Block (Mental Breakdancing)


Just some thoughts, stream of consciousness style.

I sit here half past midnight thinking about the hows and whys, navigating through the rugged terrain of my brain. Thoughts are racing through my mind like a hell cat speeding down a lost highway; I’m feeling like everything and nothing at the same time. My compassion is overflowing because the children’s minds are failing; their future is at the bottom of the wishing well wailing. I’m confined by a sign that is no longer aligned with the constellation; blame the procession of equinoxes. Wrap your brain around that.

Mama used to say "a hard head makes a soft ass;" she became a philosopher when she drank Smirnoff and Donald duck. Her Sundays were dedicated to her faith and she would put her last in the collection plate, despite never doing great. She was good mother, a dedicated daughter and a mentally scarred wife. She would always tell me to read the book of John if I feel that I’m losing my grip on life. Teardrops flood the altar. A half gallon of water, The Souls of Black Folks and six candles are in the corner, and a tin can full of Archangel Root on top of a bible missing the books of Genesis and Revelations.

Pain is alive and breathing…Created out of wedlock, the history of a heathen…The black sheep of the clan on the next cloud I'm leaving to search for my higher self deep into the evening. In the abundance of God's tears, words form wings and take flight; life is moving pictures, out of sight we kiss the night. We want to live in the house of love but neglect to pay rent on time, in winter's wind we confront the chagrin and the feeling is sublime. A barrage of bullets compose a semi-automatic symphony, voices collide to create a rhapsody of misery. What you gonna do when the earth leaves you?!

I’m talking loud but I ain’t saying nothing. I am saying a lot but ain’t saying nothing at all. This writer’s block is producing stream of conscious messages, hoping you can make some sense out this scatological madness.

See my ADHD makes me restless and I shake my leg a lot. It’s hard to slow my mind down, which makes me over think a lot. You should have conversations with the clouds and free your mind, walk in the light and enjoy your times, because nobody is promised another day. Imagine not being able to see your children play or waking up in the morning and not being greeted by the sun. Or going to sleep at night knowing that the moon is not doing what the moon has always done.

I affirm life, so it’s only right that I walk like this and talk like this, speak the truth through lying times and pump my fist. My hands are held high trying to grab a piece of heaven, because ain’t a damn thing wrong with being alive. I’m eating black eyed peas and neck bones, on the fourth of you lie. I’m the black man casting black unity spells with my big black hands. I’ve been blessed with the cognitive codes to translate the Dead Sea scrolls; in fact I’m a Zulu kamikaze with a love bomb strapped to my back.

I’m talking loud but I ain’t saying nothing. I am saying a lot but I ain’t saying nothing at all. This writer’s block is producing stream of conscious messages, hoping you can make some sense out this scatological madness.

The asker of change is asking for change hoping for a better now, because skid row is just about as low as you can go. He’s behind the deli dumpster diving searching for food because, in this life you got to do what you gotta do. And sometimes innocent people get hurt the most in this whirlwind world I know it’s sad but unfortunately it’s true. The pursuit of quarters and nickels turn once sane men into Travis Bickles with dark hearts and no punch lines to their riddles. The journey of perfecting one’s self is better than being perfect, in the time and space continuum, you’re either going to ascend or descend.

Wickedness is the serpent and the womb is the Garden of Eden. Science or creation what understanding do you believe in? Holidays are economic orgies, mass deception of the public. The truth can make you enlightened, confused and disgusted. Congress is a gangster’s paradise paralyzing us with policy, the left or the right, same agenda different parties. Infomercial murder---buy this product, you need this product. Give us your money, but the side effects could be deadly. Food made with mood stabilizers, give knowledge to these 85ers, 6/25 cried when MJ died! Let god be your chest protector. There’s nothing new under the sun---the Akashic Record. May peace be unto you and respect your life, meditate on your blessings and levitate to new heights, because negativity exists based on people perpetuating it to exist. There’s nothing greater than God, please remember this.

I’m talking loud but I ain’t saying nothing. I am saying a lot but I ain’t saying nothing at all. This writer’s block is producing stream of conscious messages, hoping you can make some sense out this scatological madness.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

I Don't Have A Facebook, Am I Not Cool?


Facebook is the “Thriller” of social networking sites. Even the astronomical sales of Michael Jackson’s masterpiece pale in comparison to the membership numbers of the pop culture wanderlust that is Facebook. The social networking phenomenon has over 500 million users, making the site’s creator Mark Zuckerberg the world’s youngest billionaire.

Monday I saw the critically lauded and Oscar buzzed The Social Network. Guess what? It was just okay. The screen play was awesome and some of the performances were good money but my mind wasn’t blown. I did learn a lot about the creation of the biggest social networking site of all time though. The biggest lesson I learned was: The kid who created a worldwide network based on "friendship" never seemed to understand the word’s original definition.

The movie (based in part on depositions and lawsuits against Zuckerberg and Facebook), give the impression that frustration and isolation (He was painfully, socially awkward and had an obsessive need of acceptance) were at the root of the creation of Zuckerberg’s virtual Frankenstein and that betrayal and revenge (He alledgedly stole the idea from fellow students and decieved his best friend and the co-creator of FB out of the profits.) were at the root of its success. In the movie, Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg, says that Facebook is valuable because it’s cool. The kid just wanted to be cool, which makes The Social Network, a kind of Revenge of the Nerds for the new millennium.

I no longer have a Facebook account after having one for about two years; I lost interest and ultimately, viewed most of the social networking sites as a form of false intimacy. These virtual communities have definitely redefined the way we interact with one another and I’m not sure if that is a good thing. When I tell folks that I don’t have a Facebook, they look at me incredulously like I have three eyes. Which makes me think, pretty soon, children will have Facebook accounts created at birth, it will be as necessary as having a social security card and birth certificate, and I’m kidding of course, but what if?

Are you a social networking fanatic? Do you think social networking sites affect communication skills?

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Today Is...



My day was quiet. I didn't mediate on what was; I was excited about what is to come. I thought about my wonderful family and friends and thanked God for his mercy. I'm still breathing, still dreaming and crafting my masterpiece on the canvas of life. Love is the only way. Libras Stand Up!

Be Peace