Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Guess Jesus Was Too Lazy To Get Up This Morning.

In honor of Harold Camping and all of the believers of The Rapture that was supposed to take place today, May 21, 2011, I give to you The Man in Black.

Better luck next prediction!


  1. Lol! This post is the perfect response to all that foolishness....when will people learn to open up their Bibles and find out stuff for themselves instead of listening to all these ranting and raving fools?!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  2. @Dee

    Yeah! The hoopla surrounding this was insane-literally. Our time isn't God's time. People need to enjoy life and quit buggin!

  3. Hey Jason! Too funny. I totally agree, folks want to control everything these days, don't they?

  4. Welcome back J!!

    No one knows the day nor the hour. Enough said.

  5. @CG
    You ain't neva lied.

    I actually saw people driving around with this message on their cars, totally ri-damn-diculous!

  6. What Up J!

    Im happy to be back. There was some personal stuff that needed more of my attention, I missed my blog fam.

    I agree. God's time is not our time, these fanatics needs to chill.

  7. Looks like it took the threat of the end of the world to lure you back to the blogosphere. Then it was well worth it. Welcome back!

  8. LOL.

    In the bible it clearly states that no man shall know the hour in which Jesus shall come back.

    I didn't fall for that crap!! LOL Great post!!

  9. @Nicole
    Thanks Nicoley Cole. I had a red bull shot and I'm ready to go.

  10. @Red
    I didn't fall for it either. First there was 2k1, now this. The Mayan Calender predicts the end of the world will be next year so we'll!

  11. That guy is something. Now he's claiming Oct 21. Wait for it!

    He's reached an age where one should have gained some wisdom, but there's no fool like an old one.

    Welcome back Jason, and I hope all is well with you and your family!

  12. I hear ya man...Those people must not be really reading His word!

  13. @Anna

    Say Word! I didn't hear about the 21st prediction.

    This guy is incorrigible.

    "there's no fool like an old one."

    How True.

    Thanks Anna! Glad to be back.

  14. @Jstar

    Doesn't appear that's the case.