Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When Selling Drugs Out Of The Barbershop Goes Wrong!

The video confirms my belief that sometimes some people need their asses whooped.

In the video, the barbershop’s owner is confronting the employee he left in charge while he was away about selling drugs out of the shop. The employee acts unremorseful and smug about his actions. The employee’s reaction was the equivalent of the famous Rick James “Fuck your couch” sketch from The Chappelle Show, but in this case, he was saying “Fuck Your Barbershop Nigga!” The combination of not accepting responsibility for doing some stupid shit and not taking a serious situation seriously motivated the owner to beat the breaks off of dude’s ass. He folded dude up like a lawn chair, he Kimbo Sliced dude; he beat him like a dusty rug. He beat this kid out of his head band, literally.

I don’t think I would have reacted that way. I think I would have fired him and been done with him. But, I can understand the owner’s fear and anger about what he did. I get the sense that the owner was probably a criminal at some point in his life and this barber shop was his legitimate hustle, and the thought of losing it because some dumb ass didn’t respect what he worked so hard to achieve, made him feel disrespected. And when some people feel disrespected and scared assess get whooped.

The most disturbing part of this video was not the ass whoopin but the fact that a small child witnessed it. As the video is going off you hear a child saying “I want to see daddy fight” and the woman recording the beat down whom I assume is the owner’s wife/girlfriend/baby mama/jump off says “You don’t want to see that baby.” Sad thing is he’d already seen enough.

If brutality disturbs you don’t watch this:


  1. That's some mad mess. Beating the brakes of the youngin' is an understatement! This is beyond brutal. I pray for the baby's sanity, the owner,and the beatee. SMH

  2. Dang he got off of dude. Why did he have to fold him like that though?
    Why wasnt he fighting back, shyt he had already lost his job and he got paper obviously (unless the owner took it)
    The only partially rationale explanation that I could come up with is that this guy must be really close to him like a older brother or cousin and things just went to far.
    I feel like dude didnt want to slide him thats why he was talkin first but the fact that the boy that got beat didnt have no remorse or didnt man up, he had to get whipped.
    The part that saddens me the most is that his baby mama was filming it and the kid did possibly see some of it.

    Yeah but umm, after the first couple of hits it was evident the dude wasnt fighting back so I dont think it was right for him to keep beating on him like that. I felt as if he got the message after the first couple of hits.


  3. @Anon

    Yeah. This is pretty brutal. When I heard the baby at the end it home that children are seeing this kind of brutality everyday and are affected mentally by it. We got to do better!

  4. @CS&B

    I agree. I think he could've fist kissed his face and dude would've got the message. Now because he beat him so brutally there may be some retaliation behind it and not to mention he could be facing an assault charge. And it's on tape and all over the internet. People kill me nowadays recording and leaking their indiscretions for the world to see. SMH!

  5. Yeap there is probably going to be retaliation one way or another... all this could have been avoided though if the owner would have just demanded a percentatge...LMAO (totally kidding)

  6. @CS&B

    You know you're not kidding...LOL