Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Love shall have no end,
brilliant flames, burn eternal.
Bless you with a divine crucifix,
a beautiful exorcist, sweet religion.
With a fertile heart, walk the sun's
surface to reach you. Receive you,
damaged, afraid, raw but brave.

Outcome is known, everything or nothing,
Potomac greets the Chesapeake.
Fragile baptism slapping rocks, fear flows daily,
acquaint you sincerely, moving down the river bed.
Through the artery of joy, the canal of surrender,
supplicate faithfully, in awe of the new moon.
Thankful God was listening.

What they did in the past means nothing now,
but realistically it does.

We are warriors, fought battles solo,
remained strong, healed in unison
and lived to fight again--- together.
Love eliminates distance and
the heart spirit triumphs.
journey down paths aligned,
zion quiets the lion's roar.

And when I say you mean the world to me
I mean simply that.

All smile and accent, created by god's grace,
angels were jealous of your genesis, they knew
beauty belongs to you. Your captivating eyes are
watching, carefully, making certain, no mirages,
not in the river, not along the banks,
not another sad stanza or melody
not this time, not ever again.


  1. Ok Jason....WOW...I would LOVE to hear you read this one! If you do, let me know where and I WILL be there!

    Your words are absolutely beautiful! It would be an honor for someone to feel this captivated by me :)

  2. @JStar
    Thank Jen! That means a lot coming from another producer of beautiful words.

  3. I like this one too...but why am I not surprised. You mos def have a way with words!

  4. ALright now... I like "When I say you mean the world to me, I mean simply that" I might have to use that one playa *wink

  5. See this right what keeps me waiting on that one! He's got feel just like this :)

  6. @JStar
    Follow your spirit you'll get him.

  7. gorgeous poem! reminds me of mythology. you poem from the
    heart in a sensual, honest manner.