Monday, August 01, 2011

Sometimes I Cry


Have you ever seen a grown man cry? If you haven't, just hang out with me while watching one of these movies and more than likely I'll lose it.

Arguably the most romantic movie of all time, when Rose jumps back on the ship to be with Leo and he kisses her and says “Rose you’re so stupid, you’re so stupid Rose.” My cup of tear runneth over.

Imitation of Life
This is the OG of tear jerkers. This movie is on everybody’s top ten saddest movie list.

Blue Valentine
A raw, unflinching, and brutal heartbreak masterpiece.

Antwone Fisher
If you’ve seen this I don’t need to explain.

Several scenes moved me, but none more moving than the scene when Denzel was being disciplined by whipping and that one tear fell from his eye. Damn!

Passion of the Christ
If you didn’t cry watching this I don’t know what to say. The brutality and anguish during the toture scenes was astonishing.

Life is Beautiful
Even during the toughest circumstances keep smiling

The Color Purple
Everybody I know who has seen this has cried watching it.

Hotel Rwanda
There were a lot of emotional moments in Hotel Rwanda but the scene that killed me was the scene when they had to drive on top of the dead bodies.

Another sentimental classic.

Brave heart
I cried a few times during Braveheart but the scene that affected me the most was when William's wife was about the be killed by the king's men and she was looking around for him to come save her and he never came.

Good Will Hunting
When Will breaks down at the end, I broke down with him. “It’s not your fault, fuck them.”

This may have been the first movie that turned on my water works.

The Notebook
I was cool until the end. I lost it.

My Girl
I lose it every time I see the scene when McCauley Culkin is lying in his casket and she say’s “His glasses, he can’t see without his glasses.” Enter water works.

Mary & Max
This movie was caught me by surprise. When Max dies and his head is staring up at Mary’s letters pasted on the ceiling my lips began to tremble. LOL

Kramer vs. Kramer
Divorce can be brutal and this movie is one of the best about the subject.

Rain Man
"Hot water burn baby, hot water burn baby!"

Last Chance Harvey
Dustin Hoffman was in rare form and I felt his disposition and awkwardness in this movie. The fact that I wanted him to win so much made it all the more emotional.

Boyz N the Hood

Legends of the Fall
Great story telling and sweeping cinematography, it tells the story of three brothers and the one woman that changes their lives.

Boys Don’t Cry
A very sad true story

Marley & Me
It moved me so much I got my dog after watching it.

This is a tear jerker legend. Ditto!

Mystic River
Sean Penn's anguish over his daughter's murder in the movie was one of the greatest performances of misery I've ever seen.

The Pursuit of Happyness
When I saw this in the theater everybody was crying.

The Wrestler
The movie was so real it was like watching a documentary.

The story was so touching. I don't want to spoil anything. See it.

Love & Basketball
This was a film filled with great scenes and even better acting. It should have been a massive hit. The game for love they played at the end accomapanied by the Meshell Ndege Ocello song was perfect.

Charlotte’s Web
Sad animated classic

Ladder 49
This was the story of a doomed firefighter recounting his life story while trapped in a building waiting to die...sad business.

She was treated so brutally by men it made me weep. It was hard to get through this movie because rape scenes make me uncomfortable. Charlize Theron definitely deserved the Oscar for this one.

(500) Days of summer
If you’ve ever felt the blows of disappointment and heartache this movie will affect you emotionally.

What movies bring you to tears?


  1. I'm a softie. I cry at damn-near every movie. I especially liked that you mentioned Mystic River. That scene when the cops have to hold Sean Penn back caused all kinds of waterworks for me. You hadn't even spent time with the daughter to mourn her character's loss. That was all Sean Penn's anguish that caused me to cry. Amazing performance. I can't even imagine how he can go "to work" and do that. Thanks for sharing this list. I'm sure I've cried at all these movies and many, many more.

  2. J,

    So you know all the women are gonna love you for this post? :) That would be your Libra sensitivities on full display. It's all good though cause I feel u, yes really lol.

    All joking aside, an excellent list. Braveheart, The Notebook, Marley & Me and The Color Purple kill me. Titanic at the top was dead on!

    Some of my favorite, jerk my heart strings till tears runneth over films are The Hurricane, Beloved (Oh Beloved) and The Way We Were.



  3. Imitation of Life

    Terms of Endearment - the hospital scene where Shirley McClain gets in the nurse's ass because her dying daughter needs pain meds gets me every.single.time.

    Steel Magnolias - I know every word in that movie.


    Just recently watched The Notebook. Cried like a big baby. I dvr'ed it and my daughter watched it. She cried like a baby too.

    Also, just recently watched 500 Days of Summer. The scene with Tom and Summer at the park bench AFTER she was married did me in. All I could think was "What a bish!" However, in Summer's defense she was upfront with her intentions all along.

    I think that's it for now.

  4. @Nicole
    Penn's Oscar was well deserved for the work he did in the film. That scene when he was sitting on the porch with Tim Robbins trying to express the way he felt about his daughter's death was acting genius.

  5. @Coco
    Thanks Coco! I keep it real and I will cry if the moment dictates it. There are mad movies I left off of this list. Love Story, Brian's Song, Stand By Me, Malcolm X to name a few...

    Peace and Respect!

  6. @Jetaime

    What's up J!

    Terms of Endearment was another one that got me.

    That scene in(500) Days of Summer was heart wrenching,the look on his face when she told him " that she found everything in her husband that she never found in him" fucked me up. Also, that reality/expectations split screen scene at the party. I was like damn Tom!

  7. It's amazing...but i'm sure it's our libra sensitivity that you would name just about all of my favorite tearjerkers.

    1. Imitation of Life
    2. The Color Purple
    3. Titanic
    4. The Notebook
    5. Glory...yesss
    6. Rosewood...but this also made me very angry.
    7. OMG at Brians Song...that was the movie.
    8. Cooley High
    9. Legend of the Falls...for sure.
    10. Ragtime

    just to name a few.

  8. This is a long list! I dont enjoy crying at movies so if I see a movie that makes me cry, I more than likely wont watch it again. Also if someone tells me a movie made them cry, I wont watch it. I just dont like all that crying so if I can avoid it, I do.

  9. @Miz
    Us Libras are a passionate lot.

    I agree about Rosewood it made both angry and sad. Cooley High...Oh yeah.

  10. @K
    LOL...I feel you. I don't expect to cry from watching any movie but I have mad times, it happens unexpectedly.

  11. I dont want you to say you Bitch up LMAO... No but I cry on all movies, I find sentiment in everything I watch...the last time I cried was actually not from a movie but from watching Ice and CoCo renew their vowels...LOL I love that couple!

  12. I cry at a drop of a hat...So ALL of the movies you listed and the other commentors listed I totally agree with!! Steel Magnolias OMG...Philadelphia hit me hard because my brother died of well as GIA because she dies of AIDS...Titanic...When I see the baby in the water...and then when Rose tries to wake Jack up :( Ghost was really sad too..Legends of the Fall, LOVE the movie because Brad Pitt is sooo hot in there...but when his wife dies...sad and of course the suicide...I could go on and on and on

  13. @JStar
    When his wife dies that tears apart too. Also, when Tristian returns from his exile and comes home to find the farm in ruins and his father sick and the elation on his father's face when he sees him after all of his year away.

  14. Okay, so I guess I'm a big ol' cry baby, because a lot of these on your list made me cry. Ladder 49, Life is Beautiful broke my heart, Hotel Rwanda (don't even get me started), Mystic River didn't make me cry, but it's one of my top 10 favourite movies!