Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Mind Poltergiests


The Amber Cole situation somewhat inspired this.

It seems there is a deep desire in the recesses of our psyches to want acknowledgement,to seek validation and admiration from people we know and strangers too as strange as that is. Industry idea people have been brainstorming for years hoping that something sticks and a lot of our favorite TV shows, movies and music do just that, with consumption bordering on obsession for a lot of us.

The conventional but bizarre fascination with fame is at an all-time high. Reality television, Ground Hog radio programming and the internet and it’s various social networking sites and self-expression mediums has given even the most marginally talented people a digital soapbox to say and do whatever is on their minds, sharing it to whomever might be interested, and for some even obtaining popularity and riches.

The thirst for notoriety is not a new phenomenon. The glamour and glitz of various entertainment industries perpetuate perfection and impregnates the fertile minds of dreamers with the conception of stardom, rarely shedding light on the behind the scenes heartbreaks, disappointments and hard work that happens on the road to making what we see appear unblemished.

Lauryn Hill’s unplugged performance comes to mind, when she recounted a story about her visiting Disneyland with her children and seeing the inner workings of the park-- the low paid people, working long hours in not so great conditions behind the scenes to keep the park functioning and beautiful on the outside. Disneyland’s slogan is “The Happiest Place on Earth.” I immediately thought. Can happiness exist without causing someone else’s sadness and/or pain? Another thought that crossed my mind: Lying is the name of the game and the truth is an albatross to people with no ambition and/or imagination. The blood flow is green, not red, the other side of the game indeed, no Badu.

I often wonder will we be faced with a zombie problem one day if this propagandized promotion of mindless media and nitch marketing continues. A short answer is, as long as greed exists, probably so. Let’s examine reality shows for instance: The production costs for reality shows are less expensive than scripted shows. Many of the characters mimic the ebbs and flows of regular people; in turn, making them endearing to viewers. And they make the networks tons of money. Can you say TV crack and microwave media? Although, I think the networks would prefer they be called a goldmine.

Perhaps, I’m preaching to the choir, but I find the rampant influence that ministry marketing has on a rabid youth culture, whose mouths salivate pavlonian style to anything that satiates their --got to have it now-- appetites problematic. Companies are making billions of dollars marketing their products to impressionable youngsters by pandering to their insecurities and need for peer acceptance, often producing questionable behavior that promotes worship of name brands, pride of ignorance and most things superficial.

This is what I think. I want to know what you think.

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  1. J...this was an amazing post! I felt like you should be up on a stage somewhere, mic in hand, held tight as you expressed passion about the words flowing from your mouth, your heart.

    You spoke of a "zombie" problem and I firmly believe that we could very well end up a society in that state. It's already been determined among many psychologists that there are several times a day where we are in a trance-like state...TV being one of those times. So sitting there soaking up the ignorance of more than a few is likely to condition and for sure infiltrate the psyche. Why not? It's like drinking while driving. Watching while not thinking. Reckless. That's how the reality show after that one is born.

    On another note, get CarolAnn off the screen! That shit scared me when I opened the post! LOL!

  2. Whenever I'm gripped with a question where every last one of my answers defy logic, I conclude the answer as The Last Days.

    Which, for myself, simply means the ends are about to justify means that humans refuse to acknowledge. The last will become first, if you will. And vanity are exposed.

    I recall L Boogie on MTV Unplugged. I remember how she struggled with the fact that her happiness should never arrive the cost of someone's peace of mind.

    Unfortunately, it does.

  3. Excellent post J! The analysis of what is taking place in the world, media, social networking in the likes has little to do with nature and a whole lot to do with man. Man's greatest invention may be our downfall. Some always perceived it to TV and it is still by far a reigning source in our/kids lives, but alot of kids don't watch tv, they have video games, the internet, and music to keep them occupied, along with their phones and such, interaction is a curse word. This was so poetic and so true. I love it when step up to the mic!

  4. reading ur post is like a breathe of fresh air for I pose the same thoughts and questions.. I cosign @Don when he say's "last days" ...if your with the majority u r prbably wrong #greatpost

  5. Yes the media and TV aren't doing any good to us. They are constantly showing kids bad ways to get their 10mins of fam. I don't even watch more of the "reality" shows...smdh.

    This post was well written!! I throw my hands up and say Preach!!


  6. What do I think?

    I think this post is wonderful and while I'm at it, I think it's time for us all to WAKE UP! It's like we're astral projecting and wandering aimlessly lost, just watching everyone on television live their lives and lusting after fairytales.

    The amount of time, energy, and money we pump into reality stars, we should be supporting each other and building our communities.

  7. Normally most people are just caught up in the rat race. So they don't have the time nor energy to ponder such things. Now however with so many people unemployed and frustrated it's possible that many more people will begin to examine the nonsense we are all fed in the name of consumerism.

    And then maybe we all will demand better.

  8. J,

    I think you are sadly and absolutely correct. I feel like a crazy person when I get all frothy at the mouth about the decline of quality TV, the rise of Reality skank and our consumer driven generation. It's so obviously problematic and corrosive to today's youth, since they have no mirror bt. the past and present. They have grown up with this crap which is only beneficial to those who would have their pockets lined.

    In fact, it pisses me off so much that I joined Media Matters. After watching Miss Representation, I thought I should do something more concrete than froth at the mouth ;).

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