Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Chocolate Manifesto: A Black Love Letter


This applies to whomever reads it and is affected by it. It's not intended to be judgmental, it was written out of love.

Brothers and sisters, I guarantee you, we will never experience the level of God intended freedom if we remain as we are. We will never feel the sun, the love or the sheer lack of shame and heightened spirit that some of our unenlightened brothers and sisters are experiencing. That idea alone should make you wonder what you even exist for. If we don't join together now, and invoke the spirit of uhuru (freedom) amongst us all, we will surely waste away; probably much quicker than you think too. So, here is the break down for the brothers and sisters reading this. In plain English, this is real rap. No poetry, no song. No bullshit. If I ran into you on the street or in the grocery store, this is how we would get down right? I hope we would.


We must love with a pure heart. As a people, we're being marched to extinction by blatant CONFUSION. We are being confused to death. If you examine your everyday routine, your idea of life and maintaining you'll see that you have been buggin’ for some time now, me too. Your food, your cell phone, the computer you're sitting at is separating you more and more everyday from nature, your nature, the nature around you that you created. If you fail to love yourself, you may as well render yourself incapable of everything. You have no roots, no authenticity. So, look in the mirror and feel them nappy roots, check your cheek bones, eyes, lips, nose, and skin. Everything about you that is not well represented in today's culture that you know is fly anyway. Don't feel like a sucker because you like how the air feels on your skin and you feel lovely. Carry yourself with dignity always and know that there is a time and a place for everything.


Now that you're really feeling yourself, look at the brother or sister on the train or at a social gathering and love them, smile at them and admire the familiarity. They may remind you of your cousin or you may have the same sneakers on, be nice, you're family. I know it's easier said than done, but now is the time and it's worth it. I mean, if you're not going to smile at your kin, what are you smiling for? Many people will get upset with me but listen clearly when I say that we are brothers and sisters, men and women, kings and queens, not bitches and niggas, pimps and whores, slides or bust downs. There's that confusion again, turning the sacred into the perverse. Beloved, just think and listen a little harder to the divine voice inside you. The ankh is the symbol of eternal life AND it also represents the divine union of man, woman and child. This is ancient wisdom. Nah, this is common sense. In the eternal words of Robert Nesta Marley “Don't let them fool ya, oh no.” Please believe me. This whole shit is a sham. Black men and women we love each other. Stop frontin’. If we keep ourselves separate from each other and continue to drag each other through the dirt, THE RACE WILL DIE. That's pretty simple. I don't even know how else to say it.

If we ever truly accomplish the first two, there will be no question what we could accomplish as a people. If you're really interested in freedom I trust you will research this concept yourself. Queen Afua mentions it in "Sacred Woman" and "Heal Thyself", Dr. Naim Akbar addresses it in ‘Visions for Blackmen”, Llaila O. Afrika also addresses it in "Afrikan Holistic Health". Consider how many days in your life you will be able to open your eyes without an alarm, love without fear and really be you. Then think of the brothers and sisters around you. Then hopefully you'll take steps to free yourself because slavery is going strong otherwise.


Finally, once you're starting to attempt to get free (there will be many obstacles, (people will try and clown you, alla that), it's time to focus HEAVILY on the fundamental respect for each other. I don't care who can't stand who or who makes you sick. Stop with the “They only want white women” and “She’s only it in for the money,” and “He or she keeps tryna play me”… No kidding. Let’s stop viciously disrespecting one another and cheating on one another, stop it. We all have bad relationship experiences to swap, nobody’s perfect down here, but I'm not speaking from that perspective right now. It's time to take the higher road. The remedy to all of that madness is in us. It is a divine partnership, ordained by the highest from the beginning. How are we effin that up? *smile* Mind your level of confusion at all times and I assure you, things will begin to run much more smoothly.

In your times alone when you wonder about your career, your children, and your relationship, consider the revolution and how what you do will help the whole. If you change but the people don't change AND conditions don't change…DO THE SCIENCE YOURSELF. Your freedom starts with you, so take it one day at a time. No one expects you to be the embodiment of God at all times, since you ARE in human form right now you will make mistakes, but we need to stop punishing each other because we're about to lose small battles which will conclude the war for all of us---Everybody. The planet is dying because the creators are too busy denying their role.

Black man you are fathers, brothers, sons, cousins and friends, you are me. Black woman, you are mothers, sisters, dawtas, cousins, and friends. We complement each other. Let’s get free!

Do these things with me. If you fall off, pick yourself up and be better Gods and Goddesses tomorrow.

Research (and constantly improve) your diet, dairy products, meat, artificial ingredients are betraying your temple and making you insane, trust me, eye know. Your temper flaring, your lip quivering, you all mad. Trust me, eye really, really know. No one is to blame. Center yourself and your light will shine all over your life.

Be mindful of the chemicals you put on your skin. You are so trusting that you buy anything that is "well presented" and on sale not paying attention to the fact that the ingredients are illegible. You can have the most extensive vocabulary and still can't read what you just ate or put on your scalp, LOL. That is cuh-razy! Anyway, if you can't read it, don't touch it. You’re probably thinking to yourself "So and so uses it and they aight!” Whomever so and so is beloved, if they are a black person in America they are going to have one or more of the following: severe depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, a yeast infection, migraines, obesity, an STD, fibroids, you name it and add it because they will have more than one symptom at a time. So, they ain't aight and neither are you. Let's not front anymore, ok? I don't know about you but I haven't signed up for cancer or AIDS, none of the stuff I see folk dying from. I am not the one too be complacent and AWAIT DEATH. If I were to consider these things to be inevitable and let the statistics determine my fate I would be a foolish man. The time for UHURU is now.

HYDRATE YOURSELF (divide your weight by 2 and drink that amount of ounces of water a day), eat fresh fruits and vegetables (I struggle with this, but I know it’s the right thing to do), use natural (or Castile) soaps and oils and smile. One day at a time.

Turn the television, radio and computer off sometimes. Limit your consumption of Essence, XXL, Face book, Twitter and US Weekly. I am saying that because until you get your weight up on the self love, these things will constantly play with your mind. You're always going to need some new lip gloss, a bigger television, a triple cheddar shrimp rib burger, a new outfit or something trivial and forget that you have play time with your children, a passion that needs your attention or a book to read. Your hair will never be shiny enough and your body will never be toned enough. So do yourself a favor and relax. Leave that stuff alone, just for a month or so. After that, you'll think twice, at least I hope you will because they won't be able to tell you anything you don't already know about you. KNOW THY SELF.

Sisters, there is mucus in your uterus, veins & arteries, in your head and around your heart. There are pimples and colds that will turn into tumors and sadness. Brothers, we die prematurely from cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer more than any other racial group and according to the American Heart Association about 42% of black men have high blood pressure. Let’s quit playing and start living, every day is a good day for healing. Since change is difficult, you can start simple. Drink a tablespoon of chlorophyll a day. If you can't find that try apple cider vinegar and watch yourself open up to yourself. The point is to cleanse and heal because there's not a lot of time to waste. As you learn to heal thyself, you can get started on your loved ones.

At the end of the day, know that you hafta set an example for the rest of us. If you don't who will? Our leaders are dead or lunchin’ and everybody keeps punking out or cashing out. I can assure you that the results will be exponential, even infinite if we just have faith and use our fiyah. Let's be Babylon’s new germ. Peace and perfect balance to you…Divine warfare and Eternal love.

Yours in freedom,

Monday, September 19, 2011

Things I Didn’t Want You to Know.


I was the boy in school that ate lunch alone.
I used to struggle with bouts of anxiety.
And I still do.
I am sensitive.
When I was younger I would cry
because I was afraid I would
never amount to anything.
I have had sex with women I wasn’t attracted to.
I called them mercy fucks.
I had a nervous breakdown on Sully Road
in Centerville, Va.
I didn’t speak up when I should have.
Sometimes I still don’t.
I watch The Travel Channel and get depressed.
I am still angry with my mother.
I hate cutting the lawn.
I make toasts to the women that didn’t appreciate
me when I was with them.
Once I got so drunk I sobbed until my whole body hurt,
then I stumbled into the kitchen
and ate a cold pop tart.
I lick the batter out of the bowl.
Although I recycle, I am not environmentally conscious.
I do it because it doesn’t require much effort.
I don’t make small talk because,
I am no good at it.
I am a Christian.
I’ve never voted and I’m ashamed of it.
I pretend to care about politics.
Sometimes I forget what I was going to say mid-statement.
I don’t think roller coasters are fun.
Sometimes I over think too much.
And that makes me no fun.
I cheated on that exam.
And I didn’t feel guilty about it.
I am still nursing my wounds.
I want people to like me.
I’m afraid to be alone.