Thank You! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This speech gives me chills every time.


5 Thought(s):

  1. This speech is both chilling and electrifying.

  2. I'm so proud to be born under the same sign as this man. There was some powerful stuff racing around inside his mind, heart & spirit! He was truly the eloquent conscience of our people, & Ultimate Wordsmith for ALL humanity!

    Happy Natal Day, Dr. King!


  3. His voice is enough to evoke all sorts of feelings inside me. I feel proud, I feel blessed, I feel saddened, and most of all I feel incredibly thankful for him!

    If he hadn't had the courage, where would some of us be today? Keep the dream alive!

  4. I was watching all his movies...well movies based on him and like Nikks said his voice... just makes a you feel empowerd.

    Thanks for sharing this..



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